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The Psychic Game offers players a great mix of actual Natural Crystals!
Here you can read a discription of some of the crystal stones you find in The Psychic Game:


Sodalite Tumble stones

Sodalite is the stone of intuition and logic and also opens spiritual perception by stimulating the third eye.
It calms and quieten's the mind, thus aiding meditation. It can also benefit suffers of panic attacks.
Healing wise Sodalite balances the metabolism, aids the absorption of fluids in the body,
cleanses the lymphatic system as well as cleansing the organs. Boosting the immune system,
it also treats throat, larynx and vocal chords.

Red Jasper Tumble stones

Red Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence.
It also protects from fears in the night.Red jasper is thought to help balance the energy in the body.
A strong protection stone acting to stabilise the emotions, also stabilising the aura and riding it of any dysfunctional energy.

Aventurine Tumble stones

Aventurine is a very lucky stone and encourages prosperity.
Often called the Lucky Talisman it is popular with gamblers and risk takers.
Wearing Aventurine helps release anxiety and fear, promoting clear thinking and a positive attitude.
It is believed to be an all purpose healing stone and is said to help strengthen the blood as well as muscular tissues.

Labradorite Tumble stones

Labradorite is a stone of transformation, stimulating intuition and psychic gifts.
It raises consciousness to a higher level and grounds spiritual energies into the physical body.
Labradorite encourages the imagination and calms an over active mind.
A protective stone it removes other peoples thoughts that may be stuck in the aura.
Labradorite relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and heals disorders of the eyes and brain.
It also helps suffers of gout and rheumatism.

Amazonite Tumble stones

Amazonite is said to calm one's emotions and to soothe the nerves, releasing fear and anxiety and
enhancing the ability to express oneself. Amazonite is also said to make your married life a lot happier.
This stone has the ability to make your skin better.


Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

Tears Jewels Edition

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