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         Discover, Explore and Train your Psychic Powers
         Play multiple paranormal games to win the game and practice your powers!

New 2013 Edition NOW Available

General specifications:
1 - 4 players
6 years+

Content of the The Psychic Game:
1 x Psychic Game Card Deck
1 x Playing Cards
1 x Main Board
1 x Play board
4 x Crystal Playstones
1 x Crystal Pendulem
1 x Instruction booklet

Short Summery:
This Board Game is all about your feelings and predictions about the future
Playing The Psychic Game can help you to practice your paranormal skills
See the full instruction on the How2play page

Available Editions in our Shop:


    The Original Psychic Game                       Special Edition Created by TJ                  Limited Edition Created by TJ

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