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The Psychic Game is an Easy to Play Paranomal Boardgame! 



Main board & Play Board 



                             2013 Edition                                 


All players choose a Crystal Play Stone and place it on the first section of the main board.

The highest roller will start The Psychic Game!


Throw the dice and follow the steps on the main board;

The main board has different numbers and these might have an assignment for you.


The Psychic FORTUNE CARD Deck

Take a card out of the Psychic Game Deck and see what it means.

You will have to play a game to go further.
Free booklet to do readings


Card Game
Use your Paranormal and Telepathic Powers

Predict what card / color / number you or other players will get.

Future dice

Predict your throw and win!

Pendulum Game
 (Real Crystal Pendulum included!)

 Let the universe decide your next step!

Click here to See the youtube movie!

The Psychic Game card deck can also be used for readings of past, past future en present.

You can now also buy the Original Fortune Card Deck:

Only $14,99 in our shop

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-815810-3-5  

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